Learn, learn and learn.

“Learn, learn and learn” V. I. Lenin

As Lenin once said “Every cook has to learn how to govern the state”

It is our responsibility and also our absolute pleasure to commit to continuous learning and development as human beings and as communists.

Russia was a backward undeveloped state before the Great October Revolution. Not long out of feudal serfdom and wracked by imperialist wars on the east and western parts of the nation. The people were never a priority. Before the Likbez (Liquidate Illiteracy) program female literacy was 12.5%. There was even a civil war to fight but the Likbez program was a priority. The Soviets also had to save Europe from fascism and paid a high price for doing so. Despite the huge loss of life in just 12 years the USSR was able to explore space for mankind with the launch of Sputnik. Later in 1961 the first person, Yuri Gagarin, was sent to space and returned home to earth. The priority to have education available to all and to promote talented people created a nation of scientists, poets and engineers the envy of the world. And not just for those lucky enough to be soviet citizens. Students from overseas could go and study there and take back their skills to their lands.

The same for Cuba after the revolution. They also embarked on a literacy campaign. It took their literacy rate from 70 percent to 99 percent. And they use their literacy program in other places such as Australia with indigenous communities. Despite the illegal blockade Cuba developed a biotechnology and heath care system the envy of the world. Cuban doctors are offered to the world when ever they need help after natural disasters. And Cuba trains students from any country who cannot afford such a medical education in their own country.

Capitalism is failing people everywhere it exists. There has never been a better time to put an end to it. Communiversity is a place where we develop the skills and means to destroy it and build a better future for all.